When I was a kid, I wanted to be a writer. I thought it sounded cool. It was certainly more original than hairdresser or school teacher, what most of the girls my age wanted to be.

In high school biology classes I fell in love with DNA. How life and the natural world worked fascinated me. A master in biology and one year of PhD later, biology still passionated me but it turned out I loved the results not the process of research. Bummer. What was I gonna do?

Searching for answers, I asked a friend how she had known what job she wanted to do. She said it was the job she had always wanted to do. Damn, I thought, that doesn’t help me, there was never a job I have always known I wanted to do. But, wait a minute, what did I want to do when I was a kid?

And that’s how CHONPS started.

I think biology is cool. But I know that with its own specialized vocabulary it can be hard to understand. So I’ll try to explain it in simple words so hopefully you too can see how cool it is.

I hope you enjoy the reading.



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